About Us

Welcome to The Chocolate Factory, London's newest recording, mixing and mastering studio. With multiple session options there is something for everyone at The Chocolate Factory.

The Chocolate Factory is based in the pulsating heart of trendy Brick Lane in the East End of London. Completely refurbished - cosmetically and acoustically, the studio's versatile room delivers awe-inspiring results. Due to the ever growing number of clients, we have built up a comprehensive Mastering Room offering every service you may require, we firmly believe there is no greater way of finding the right Mastering Facility for your individual requirements.
The Chocolate Factory is a world class facility however we don't only work with major labels, global icons & household names, we are able to cater for small bands with development deals & private projects. We can tailor packages to suit your needs.With the Truman Brewery, Brick Lane and Shoreditch just around the corner your never to far away from a fun, cool, vibrant atmosphere as they say "all work and no play..." and also you'll never know who you'll bump into just wandering around the streets.
We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams



  • Stereo
  • Surround
  • All audio for SA-CD and DVD Audio, DVD Video, Blu-Ray and beyond
  • Repurposing of Mono and Stereo soundtracks for Surround media including Stereo to Surround "upmixing"

Web Mastering

Web Mastering allows us to master projects for clients around the globe. We do this by using a secure 128bit FTP website, a dedicated password protected file transfer service. Clients can securely transfer uncompressed, full resolution PCM digital audio files to Chocolate Factory. Final mastered audio files can then be securely transferred back to clients for review and approvals.

Night Mastering

Night Shift Mastering allows budget-conscious independent artists to achieve the professional refined edge needed to compete against the major label releases, at a price even the most price restrained Indie band can afford.


A revolutionary open-plan tracking space, The Chocolate Factory has worked hard in establishing a unique ability to provide clients with every type of solution for your mastering session, meaning you can work on your projects with us from start to finish.The Chocolate Factory can safely say that we are the only commercial studio in the UK that boasts a pair of impresseive Barefoot MM27 Monitors. They need to be heard to be believed! Cranesong HEDD 192 Thermionic Culture Phoenix Compressor (Custom hand rebuilt), SSL 4000G Compressor (Custom hand rebuilt and modified) Pultec PEQ1A (Coming Soon) and a vast array of ancillary equipment.It's private, self-contained and affordable, and for clients' additional satisfaction there is broadband on hand for those moments when you have to check those emails.Don't take our word for it however, have a listen - examples of our work can be found at the bottom of the services page. We've are using top notch bookshelf speakers only when we are testing the quality of the output.
Equipment Highlights
Barefoot MM27 Monitors Cranesong HEDD 192 Thermionic Culture Phoenix Compressor (Custom hand rebuilt and modified) SSL 4000G Compressor (Custom hand rebuilt and modified) Pultec PEQ1A (Coming Soon) Lynx 192 AES Goldpoint Stepped Attenuator System Moses & Mitchell Patch bayCustom Hand Built DAW - 4 Core, 3.8 Ghz, Ultra Low Latency Ram A Constantly Updated Selection of the World's Best Plugins


Phone: +44-(0)207 275 1795 Mobile: +44-(0)7967 148 166 Email: info@chocolatefactorylondon.com Skype: chocolatefactorylondon (Click to call us)We are located in Brick Lane, London E1

The Team

The Chocolate Factory was setup as an answer to a growing need in the music industry. The Internet has opened the floodgates for today's artists; it has levelled the playing field in terms of promotion, marketing, distribution, and global audience access. When promoters, labels, and potential fans listen to a song on Myspace, or via the internet, they could be comparing music that has been produced in a small project studio against those done with a significantly larger budget. Even though you may have a hit record, without mastering, it can sound muddy, weak, and lose the impact of a properly mastered song. Mastering adds that finishing sparkle - that little bit of aural gold dust to your music to help ensure that it sounds the best through any medium. The Chocolate Factory believes that Mastering is a reflection of the professionalism and maturity of an artist. Non-mastered tracks tend to sound amateur against a well-mastered track.

Mick Wilson

Is best known for his extensive studio/dj work Worldwide. His career started in the early 90's as a DJ/Engineer. During this period Michael branched out into production starting at the former Network Records Baseroom Studios working alongside some of the dance industry legends Kevin Saunderson, Mike Banks, Laurent Garnier and many more. During these years, Michael produced and Engineered literally hundreds of singles and albums and with endorsements from his peers it wasn't long before his reputation for quality and inventiveness grew and he was in demand from many of the most influential labels of the day.Michael has always had a broad love of music and he relishes the prospect of working on a wide variety of projects. As a self-professed 'all-rounder', Michael's always been keen to avoid being pigeon-holed into any one particular genre of music.In 2000, an opportunity presented itself - the chance to build a studio in the then Cable Chamber. A unique facility offering a main studio and 3 satellite studios. A dream team of producers and engineers resided in the Cable Chamber. Everyone involved were united in their objective to challenge accepted standards and change the general industry attitude towards production and mastering as a creative art.In recent years, Michael has been concentrating more and more on refining his production and mastering skills working alongside Dave Bascombe, Martin Phillips, Jim Abiss and Jagz Kooner. Michael's also very excited about new technologies and trends in the mastering and recording world which he likes to combine with his own experience and wisdom.

Luke Pepper

Has been actively involved in the music industry for over 17 years. During the course of his career Luke has performed at some of the biggest clubs and venues around the world, been signed to Sony and worked with some of the biggest artists and producers within the industry thus highlighting the versatile nature of Luke's recording career.

During this time he also owned a large studio in London. After selling the London facility, Luke created a private custom-built studio, mixing down at studios like Miloco, Unit 21, Nomis and then taking the tracks to be mastered out of house. With this valuable experience and realising the extra costs involved considering that it was the room, monitors and some key pieces of ultra-high end kit that he was using constantly in these sessions he soon set about recreating and upgrading his studio so he could do everything there.

Luke also owns djenerate the company responsible for Fabric's BodySonic dance floor and Matter's BodyKinetic dance floor. The company is currently expanding into studio electronics and is releasing some very exciting products on to the market in 2009. All of these products have been designed by Luke.

After working together on numerous projects whilst setting up the previous studio with Michael the boys were constantly being asked to master and mixdown sessions and projects for other artists/labels hence the logical evolution that became the Chocolate Factory.